Hair spa treatment is a therapeutic remedy to restore your hair quality and quantity. It is often described as a rebirth therapy that nourishes and rejuvenates damaged hair strands. Try naming one hair related issue that can’t be done away with a good hair spa treatment. From chemical damaged hair, dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, frizzy hair, oily scalp and scalp itch, hair spa can reverse all of these damages and stimulate healthy hair growth. The best thing about it, there is no age limit to indulge in a top-notch hair spa treatment. Apart from this, the benefits of hair spa treatment include:

1. Normalization of oil secretion

Every hair follicle has little oil glands appended to it, which discharges sebum. The sebum goes about as a water barrier and keeps your hair and skin saturate.

Conversely, the secretion of a lot of this great oil leaves the hair feeling dirty and greasy.

In order to normalize this excessive oil secretion, a hair spa treatment will involve oiling sessions such as jojoba oil massage which is known to inhibit excess activity in the glands along with cedarwood essential oil, you should see an improvement.

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2. Improvement of blood circulation

An essential step of hair spa therapy is a head massage. This part significantly increases the blood circulation in the scalp. The blood transports nutrients to your scalp to support and promote healthy hair growth. What’s more, it enables the hair follicles to collect more oxygen and nutrients via blood. This is how a hair spa treatment results in the revitalization of the scalp and improvement of hair growth.

3. Removal of hair gunk

The deep cleansing and conditioning sessions in all hair spa treatments expel every single dirt, pollutants and contaminants from the pores. When your scalp is freed of such filth, your hair development improves greatly.

This hair renewal treatment works best when done as often as possible. Ideally, a hair spa treatment once in 2 weeks will revitalize the hair perfectly. To make the utmost use of this therapeutic treatment, here are the best hair spa tips to get healthy gorgeous hair.

Pro-tip #1: Stay away from hot water

This is a widely acknowledged fact; using lukewarm water is better than hot water because it will open up the scalp pores. Then it will strip off your natural hair oil and result in damaged hair cuticles. To prevent this disaster, immediately rinse your hair with cold water to close the pores. The usage of cold water will also get rid of any odour from the hair masks.

Ultimately, it will also prevent hair fall.

Pro-tip #2: Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

One of the best benefits of sulfate free shampoos is to clean hair while keeping up its regular shine. This is conceivable when natural oil and moisture is retained. While sulfate is an unforgiving synthetic concoction, they can dry and irritate the scalp. On the contrary, sulfate free shampoos are mild and they delicately clean your hair, without making such issues.

This product will also retain hair colourings. The durability of any hair colour will depend on how well you take care of your hair. Using a good sulfate free shampoo will extend the lifeline of your hair colour, thus reducing fading. Ultimately, this product will prevent you from frequently dyeing your hair.

It is also a product fit for the environment. Any hair products free of sulfate are safe for the environment. All this is possible, due to its plant-based ingredients.

Additionally, the sodium sulfate free shampoos do not create any kind of irritation for the eyes when contrasted with conventional hair products, in the event that a drop erroneously falls inside.

Finally, it works well for each hair type. Hair products without sulfate are good to use on a wide range of hair type whether it is wavy, straight or colour treated

Pro-tip #3: Shampoo correctly

A spa treatment is a perfect time to use a deep cleansing shampoo. The usage of a clarifying shampoo is to remove any excess filth that is built up in your hair. Remember to brush your hair before getting it wet. Always use an adequate amount of shampoo for your hair length. This is because using too much shampoo can remove the moisture your hair needs. This makes your hair even more vulnerable to damage. While shampooing, gently massage the hair product into your roots with your fingertips and avoid unnecessary hair damage by scratching.

Pro-tip #4: Comb your hair wisely 

Experts have laid it down for us. Never use a normal brush to detangle wet hair. Soaked hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage. When absolutely necessary use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. It is very important to use the right comb for the right purpose.

Pro-tip #5: Quit hot blow-drying 

Regular use of a dryer results in hair breakage and dryness. Rather, let your hair dry naturally or with a cold air setting.

Pro-tip #6: Stop torturing your hair with a towel

At the end of every hair spa treatment, do not rub your hair dry with a towel. Instead, use the towel to pat dry all the excess water and use a cotton cloth to gently soak in the water. This step will prevent breakage and hair loss.

Pro-tip #7: Use organic hair masks

There are numerous advantages to utilizing an organic hair mask, and the advantages vary depending on the ingredients and your hair type. Use these highly recommended hair masks for healthy hair.

  • A protein hair spa treatment with eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein. Recent studies have shown that eggs have a good influence on the development of human hair cells. Pro-tip is never to wash out an egg hair mask with hot water. The best method to wash off an egg mix is with cold water, this will completely remove any odour from the hair mask.

  • Banana mask 

A good rich blend of banana, honey, and olive oil are great to improve hair manageability, shine, protect hair’s natural elasticity and prevent breakage. This mask is perfect for dry and frizzy hair

  • Ginger Mask 

A ginger juice, lemon, and olive oil infusions will strengthen your hair strands to combat hair loss and restore moisture. It is an ideal option to reduce dandruff.

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