5 Benefits of Rolling Benches For Your Greenhouse Or Grow Room

For any grow operation large or small, the size of your yield is always a top priority. At the end of the day, the efficiency of your greenhouse or grow room space is a primary factor in dictating the success of your growth. That’s why so many growers, no matter your product or type of product, are now relying on rolling benches. These simple yet innovative devices allow you to stack your grow, increasing the amount of usable space in your grow room or greenhouse. As a functional and customizable asset, you can also easily rearrange your rolling benches to create a workspace that fits your specific needs. 

But what exactly are the top benefits of using rolling benches in your space? And is it worth it to make the upgrade if I’ve already got a running operation? Here, we’re taking a closer look at rolling benches and shining the light on why so many growers—from industrial-sized operations to hobbyists—are making the shift to rolling benches. Once you’ve utilized these benches as part of your growth, there’s a good chance you’ll wonder how you ever had successful yield without using them before. 

What Are Rolling Benches?

Rolling benches, also referenced as rolling beds, are an innovative (and surprisingly simple) way to gain much more additional space in your indoor or outdoor greenhouse or grow room. Additionally, with this extra space, you stand to benefit from an additional year that can boost your profits and overall efficiency of space.

Using rolling benches eliminates the hassle of fixed benches that take up space and prevent you from changing and renovating the structure of your space because they’re usually immovable (or at least really heavy). Rolling benches can offer versatility, efficiency, and simply more space for your growing project. 

5 Benefits of Rolling Benches for Your Greenhouse or Grow Room

Now that we better understand what these benches are, let’s take a deeper dive into understanding the benefits. Maximizing space and your yield would be, of course, the most obvious one, but that’s really just the beginning when it comes to what rolling benches can do for your growing space.

Take a look at some of the benefits of rolling benches:

1. Increase your harvestable square footage: perhaps the most obvious benefit here, it’s all about space and grow room. Whether you’re a grow operation owner or even just a part of the cultivation team, rolling benches will maximize your space. As a result, this will also maximize your yields. More space equals more opportunity, right? Stationary grow tables only utilize about 65 to 70 percent of your space’s square footage because growers need aisles to maintain the plants and herbs. With rolling benches, however, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of an increase in your harvestable square footage in your greenhouse or grow area.

2. Boost your canopy space: when it comes to optimizing your space, the square footage is only half of the equation here. When you consider that rolling benches can also stack vertically, it becomes clear that you will see the yield increase potential when you utilize rolling benches for your space.

3. Stay productive with your grow: productivity is key for any successful yield. Rolling benches can help here by raising the plants to a height more suitable for easy and convenient maintenance. Growers can work more efficiently and effectively with plants that have been raised to working height. Not only that, but this will also save you a lot of strain on your back and joints—especially when working those long hours.

4. Customizable construction: whether you’re in the early stages of planning your grow space or you’re looking to make an update and some changes, you’ll love the modular options provided by rolling benches. Using modular construction materials means that you can complete your project on-time in a cost-efficient manner and have the options to customize your space. Move and adjust your rolling benches as needed to suit the growth and expansion of your yield. And as a modular part of the construction process, you can have your operation up and running sooner than ever before. What’s not to love about the versatility of rolling benches?

5. Safer and cleaner growing environment: additionally, many growers are impressed by the fact that rolling benches can help them create a cleaner and overall safer growing environment for everyone—not just the plants. When your grow is elevated with rolling benches, it’s easier to keep the space sanitary and clean. Additionally, the height can help reduce the potential of pests and disease, which is especially beneficial if your operation is taking place outdoors. With safer growing conditions, you’ll have the chance to boost your profits by not having to replace any plants lost to pests or disease. It also makes your space easier to clean, which is ideal for anyone involved in your business. 

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As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider using rolling benches for your growing operation. Over recent years, more and more growers have made the change and very few are looking back. Using rolling benches in your greenhouse or grow room can help maximize your yield by opening up more harvestable acreage in your space. No matter the size of your operation, you know how important it is to make efficient use of your space. That’s why rolling benches can simply transform your yield.

Additionally, there are several more benefits to using rolling benches. They can also help you stay productive, increase your canopy space, help create a safer and overall cleaner environment, and allow you the freedom and flexibility of a customizable space setup. With all of these benefits, it becomes clear just how beneficial rolling benches can be for your yield.

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