Top 5 Apps That A Student Must Have On Their Phone

The invention of technology was meant for revolutionizing humanity. Several innovations led to the development of easy to install applications that aim to improve the quality of life by making things simpler. Students can use these applications to complete their daily chores. These applications help you in organization and simplification of work. Many apps have educational purposes, and some of them can be used for safety purposes as well.


AnyDo is an organizational application that helps you keep your task and to-do list organized. It can be easily synchronized with your calendar. The application is easy to use and is great for students. It can be utilized to balance the responsibilities of work, education, and family. It also contains a voice-automation tool that can create tasks. The application can change the priority of the entries and can remove tasks with a simple shake. It is free to install and works well with all devices.


Dropbox can be used to share documents. It allows you to access your stored documents at any time. It can not only be used to stock assignments and notes but also for coordination purposes. It makes editing and sharing simpler. It keeps the files updated and can be downloaded on all types of devices. It is swift in operation and can be used by anyone, even without prior knowledge of the application. It is a storage application that saves a lot of space and compiles the documents together in one place.

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Office lens

Office lens is a free Microsoft application that works well on all types of devices. It can be used to click images of the notes and blackboard, so no time is wasted on copying notes.  You can also convert the images of the written text into easy to access PDFdrive documents that can be edited. Office lens is one of the best applications that always comes in handy for students. It is natural to understand and operate the application without any possible troubles. The application has reduced lots of effort that students had to put into taking notes. It offers a great means to preserve your notes from any physical disturbances. is a grammar application that students widely use. Correct usage of grammar and language is extremely important. It helps in scoring good marks in examinations. The application also encourages you to improve your vocabulary. It is easy to use and is a great app for those working on their language skills. It is compatible with all types of mobile devices and is exceptionally manageable while using. It can be used to write essays, assignments, projects etc. It also helps you correct your grammatical errors so that you can present better reports in class.


Distraction is one of the leading causes of bad scores in examinations. To prevent yourself from getting distracted, installing an application like Forest can be a good idea. This app helps you concentrate on your studies and avoid distractions. You can switch it on while studying, and you will be able to view a virtual plant growing. You can set the timer up so that you can track your studying time. Once you complete your work within time, the tree will grow completely, and if you exit the application or try to use your device, the tree will die. The application is a great means to save yourself from getting distracted. Forest can be installed on all types of devices without any problems.


Applications have made the life of students much simpler. These can be used for a variety of purposes. They have numerous features that can be explored to make work easier. These five apps must be downloaded by the students so that they can be more efficient in life. These apps reduce the workload and help the students in their unique ways. Students should download them so that they can keep pace with the growing competition in the world. These apps will not only help them be more productive but will also improve their time management skills. Install them now to enjoy their benefits!

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