Best Apps for First-Time iPhone Users 2022

Switching from Android to iPhone and setting up your device can get challenging. Every minute detail, from network settings to configuring the night shift or setting up Siri, can take a lot of time. So, you might not want the hassle of figuring out what apps to have on your phone.

To save you the headache, we have created a guide on the app to use for data transferring on a Phone. Also, we have a list of other handy apps to enjoy on your iOS device.

Trade in Your iPhone for a New Device

Apple allows you to turn the iOS device you own into the device you want. The iPhone trade in makes it easy for users to trade their smartphone for credit toward their next purchase. They recycle the devices ineligible for credit free of cost. Regardless of the device’s condition or model, they will turn it into something good for you and the planet.

11 Apps to Have on Your iOS Device

iOS Device

Whether you have shifted from android to iPhone or upgraded to a newer model, you will not use it to talk only. Your iPhone is capable of much more amazing stuff than just FaceTime communication or voice-to-voice. From simple apps for jotting down your notes to funky games, there is a multitude of options in every category.

1. Password

In the world of smartphones, one can never be too smart to remember a thousand passwords for different apps and websites. 1 Password saves the day and your passwords, along with credit card information, profile data, and more.

All you need to do is remember a single password to log in to this app. It is even better if your iPhone has a Touch or Face ID that can help you log in with your fingerprint or face scan.

2. Dropbox

Most people that shift from android to iPhone complain that iCloud does not offer enough storage. So, when it comes to storing necessary files without worrying about space, Dropbox does not disappoint. From movies, music, and photos to PDFs and e-books, you can save anything on Dropbox.

Moreover, you can scan docs and collaborate with others, with everything safely synced across all your devices.

3. Apple Home

You can turn your house into a Smart House using iOS Home App. From checking the front door to turning the lights on and off for you, Siri will take care of everything. The Apple Home App connects to all your accessories and makes them work smarter for you.

4. Waze

If you want to be a route genius, especially a traffic genius, you can trust Waze. The part social and part magical Waze App is incomparable. It collects real-time data from the drivers on the road and determines traffic conditions right where you are.

Moreover, if there is an accident on your route, Waze App will suggest alternate roads. Hence, it saves you time and the headache of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

5. Move App for Data transferring on an iPhone

As a first-time iPhone user, you might get confused about transferring your old data into your new smartphone. Move App makes your job easier by shifting your data without any hassle.

  • Navigate to Apps & Data on your iPhone and click Move Data from Android.
  • Click open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.
  • Connect the two devices using a code to create a temporary Wi-Fi network between the two gadgets.
  • Select the information you want to transfer and press continue.

But remember to plug both phones into a power source and good Wi-Fi, or you can encounter issues along the transfer process.

6. Pillow

Sleep is prime to keep you sound; if you cannot track your sleep, your phone can. The Pillow App will monitor your sleep stages throughout the night, noting how restful each stage is. Besides, it can record sleep apneas or any snoring patterns.

The Pillow is smart enough to wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep, helpfully avoiding those groggy feelings.

7. Slow Shutter Cam

Generally, the iPhone camera is excellent, but it lacks some tools that advanced users would deem essential. For instance, you cannot take long exposures without fiddling with your shutter speed. Slow Shutter Cam can be your go-to choice for fixing issues like these without compromising on the iPhone’s picture quality.

8. Adobe Lightroom

App Store provides an incredible photo editing suite at your fingertips – Adobe Lightroom. From the simple crop to the intricate detail changes, all the tools in this app are heaven for photographers.

Furthermore, the premium mode comes professional-quality camera app bundled with a bunch of Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.


NASA has released many iPhone apps, like NASA Television, ISSLive, and NASA Space Weather. These apps, providing a wide range of enticing content, are the ultimate happiness for space enthusiasts. Space-curious minds will love how NASA packs a wealth of news stories, features, images, videos, and information about space into their phone apps.

10. TuneIn Radio

Internet radio is a perfect example of the modernization of the classics. TuneIn Radio lets you listen to broadcast and internet-only radio without geographical or temporal restrictions. In addition to several Internet Radio stations that can take you back to the 40s and 50s, TuneIn Pro offers the best sports channels. You can get a Radiolab fix to support podcasts.

11. Vine

Instagram reels and Pinterest aesthetics might be pleasing to many people these days. But Vine can provide instant entertainment to anyone and everyone.

The fun starts by following hilarious users and peaks with the handy re-vine feature. It allows you to find your preferred videos almost instantly.


Apple devices are popular for their ease of use, durability, and years of support, even for old models. You can add several apps of your preference on your home screen. But, their usability comes from the built-in apps.

Apps like Maps, Photos, Mail, Safari, or Siri add maximum value to the user experience. Besides, the smooth and quick transitions available in a different fashion than the Android version of the same apps are exceptional.

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