Antonella Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi’s Wife) Height, Bio, Net Worth, And Lifestyle

Antonella Roccuzzo, who can be immediately recognized by the name of Messi’s wife, is a Model and a businesswoman. She was born in Rosario, Argentina on 26th February 1988. Her father, Jose Roccuzzo is a businessman and her mother Patricia Blanko is a homemaker. Her husband, Messi is a great footballer who played for Barcelona FC for a long period of time.

Who Is Antonella Roccuzzo?

Antonella Roccuzzo is an Argentinian model and dietician, but her biggest claim to fame is her long-lasting courtship with a star footballer, Lionel Messi.

Antonella Rocuzzo was born in Rosario, Argentina on 26th February 1988. Her father, Jose Roccuzzo is a businessman and her mother Patricia Blanko is a homemaker. She grew up with her two sisters, Paula and Carla. Antonella is the cousin of Lucas Scaglia, Messi’s best friend who is also a footballer.

Full NameAntonella Roccuzzo
NickNamela Negra
Birth DateFebruary 26, 1988  
Age33 years old
Birth PlaceRosario, Argentina
ResidentBarcelona, Spain
Father’s NameJose Roccuzzo
Mother’s NamePatricia Blanko
SiblingsPaula and Carla

Antonella Roccuzzo Biography and early life

Antonella Roccuzzo is a graduate who studied at university to be a dentist but she suddenly changed to social communication. She has done her schooling at “Centro Educativo Latinoamericano” after which she went to “Universidad Nacional de Rosario” for further studies.

After graduation, she worked in a local fitness club. Antonella Roccuzzo lived a modest life and didn’t visit parties. She maintained her body health.

She was a shy child like Messi, that’s why she didn’t have many friends, so she spent a lonely childhood. Her family was good with Messi’s family so Messi often visited her house.

Antonella Roccuzzo Height, age, and physical appearance

Antonella Roccuzzo is 5 feet and 2 inches which are approximately equal to Messi’s height. Both stand at equal heights. Her weight is 58kg and the color of her eyes is dark brown. She has black hair and a slim body as she worked in a fitness club, she has maintained to keep her body healthy. She has been slim throughout her whole childhood. Antonella Roccuzzo’s zodiac sign is Pisces which shows her shyness and generous behavior.

Antonella Roccuzzo is so shy that she does not show herself publicallyShe is a Christian and her hobbies are playing tennis, football, and traveling. Her favorite sports are football, tennis and her favorite team is Barcelona FC that’s her husband’s team.

By the way, the girl has good taste in choosing clothes and make-up. Antonella Roccuzzo skillfully emphasizes the advantages of a bright appearance with tight and low-cut dresses, smokey eye make-up, and bulky styling of long luxurious hair.

Height:5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm
Weight54 kg or 119 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
EducationUniversidad del Rosario 
BoyfriendLionel Messi
SpouseLionel Messi
Net Worth$20 Million

Who is Lionel Messi?

I don’t think anyone in this world will be unaware of this name. He doesn’t need any introduction but let me show a brief description of him.

He was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. His father is Jorge Horácio and his mother is Celia María Cuccittini. Messi’s full name is Lionel Andrés Messi. His height is 5 feet and 7 inches and weighs 67kg.

He dreamed of being a footballer from childhood when he saw his older brothers playing with their friends but it couldn’t be fulfilled due to growth hormone deficiency. The expenses for medicine were too much for his father to afford. But the Argentine team knows his talent that’s why they take the expanses and treatment of Messi got started. Messi was given an injection in his legs once in the night. He used to play football with Lucas Scaglia, Antonella’s cousin. Salvador Aparicio was Messi’s first coach when he was a child.

As a result, everyone knows this name as the world’s best footballer today. He has won a club-record 34 major trophies with Barcelona, including 10 La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues, seven Copa del Rey titles, seven Spanish Super Cups, three UEFA Super Cups, and three FIFA Club World Cups.

Messi holds the record for most goals in La Liga (474), the Supercopa de España (14), the UEFA Super Cup (3) and is the player with the most official recorded assists in football history. Lionel Messi is the only player to have won two golden balls while Ronaldo has 1 who is the greatest rival of Messi.

Relationship Of Antonella Roccuzzo & Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo met when they were kids, thanks to Lucas Scaglia. Lucas and Lionel were players at Newell’s Old Boys, the children’s soccer, and became close friends. Lucas was Antonela’s cousin and one summer he invited Messi to spend vacations with his family where he saw Antonella Roccuzzo at the age of 5. 

He often used to visit Scaglia’s house just to see Antonella Roccuzzo. At the age of 9, Lionel and Antonella fell in love. When they were kids, Lionel and Antonela used to play on the streets with their friends, as many other kids do at their age. 

Messi has confessed that he was always in love with her but never had the courage to ask her out. He was able to do so with the help of Lucas.  After keeping their relationship private for years the couple got engaged in 2010. Messi celebrated his first baby pregnancy by keeping the ball under his shirt after winning the match.

After a long time relationship, they got married on June 30 2017 in Rosario. Many celebrities and soccer stars came to their wedding ceremony like Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Neymar, Sergio Aguero, Samuel Eto’o, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, and more along with Shakira, Antonella’s good friend with her husband Gerard Piqué.

They stayed in a long-distance relationship for several years but never get separated. It shows how much love they have for each other. Antonella Roccuzzo always supported Messi, stayed, and co-operated in his bad times.

They have 3 nice children. The oldest child, Thiago Messi was born on 2 November 2012, and the other two Mateo Messi and Ciro Messi in 2015 and 2018 respectively. The relationship between Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo is proof that love exists.

Antonella Roccuzzo carrier

Antonella Roccuzzo is a model who has worked for different products and also acted in a few films.

She often shares pictures of her family on Instagram. She has a fan-following of 12M on Instagram but has taken her account private as she is shy in nature and wants to lead a private life. Antonella Roccuzzo also isn’t much vocal about her career and most of it remains largely unknown. 

Antonella Roccuzzo is a businesswoman too who is in partnership with Ricky Sarkany and her friend Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez‘s wife. Together they own a boutique in Barcelona. Besides her business, this lady is a family woman who takes enough time to care for her children and husband.

Antonella Rocuzzo’s Net Worth

The net worth of Antonella Roccuzzo is estimated at around $20 million. She earns money from modeling and doing business. 

Besides that, her husband is one of the World’s richest footballers whose worth is around $400 million. He doesn’t get money from football only but from brands such as Adidas, Gillette, Pepsi, and Turkish Airlines for doing advertisements. He is one of the most followed personalities on Instagram.

It can be said that Antonella Roccuzzo is living an expensive lifestyle with her husband and three sons right now. They frequently go on vacations in different countries together and are living their lives fully.

Some lesser-known facts about Antonella Roccuzzo

●    Antonella Roccuzzo doesn’t smoke.

●    Antonella Roccuzzo doesn’t have a tattoo.

●    Her nickname is “la Negra” which is taken by her parents.

●    Antonella was in a relationship with another unknown guy when Messi left Barcelona.

●    Antonella left her education midway when she moved in with Messi but sometime later, she resumed her graduation degree.

●    There is no information about Antonella’s alcohol drinking.

FAQ Of Antonella Roccuzzo:

Who is Antonella Roccuzzo?

Antonella Roccuzzo is an Argentinian model and dietician who is the wife of Lionel Messi. She is also a businesswoman in partnership with Ricky Sarkany and her friend Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez‘s wife.

When Antonella Roccuzzo married with Lionell Messi?

Antonella Roccuzzo married Lionel Messi on June 30, 2017, in Rosario with many celebrities invited to their wedding.

How did Messi meet Antonella Roccuzzo?

Messi met Antonella Ruccuzzo when he was invited by his friend Lucas on a vacation to spend time with his family, where he saw Antonella for the first time.

Is Messi's wife a model?

Yes, Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, is a model who has worked for many products and also acted in a few films. She is also an the Instagram user who often shares pictures of her family.

What nationality is Antonella Roccuzzo?

Antonella Roccuzzo is a Christian.

How long has Messi known Antonella Roccuzzo?

Messi has known Antonella from the age of 5. They fell in love when they were 9.

What is Antonella Roccuzzo height?

She is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

What is Antonella Roccuzzo's age?

Antonella Roccuzzo is 33 years old. She will be 34 years old on the 26th of February.

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