Amos Bocelli, Son Of Andrea Bocelli, Biography, Net Worth

Amos Bocelli!! Does this ring a bell? No? Okay!! How about Andrea Bocelli? The name Bocelli is a powerhouse in the Italian music industry because of the legacy left behind by this amazing songwriter Andrea Bocelli. We are very sure, you must be fascinated by the title!! If you are a music fan, you must have definitely recognised Andrea Bocelli by now. So, let us tell you, Amos Bocelli is none other than the oldest son of the famous singer, songwriter, and music tenor, Andrea Bocelli. 

Amos is famous for his amazing skills in playing the piano, and he gained the limelight because of his mother.

We are sure, you must be excited by now to know more about this celebrity kid. This article contains every little information you must know about this famous pianist. Read till the end, to know more about Amos Bocelli.

Who Is Amos Bocelli?

Who Is Amos Bocelli

Amos Bocelli is a famous Italian musician and pianist. He is a well-known celebrity kid, who came into the limelight as the eldest son of the famous singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli. 

Amos was brought up in the Tuscan resort of Forte Dei Marmi. Following his father’s footsteps, Amos also entered the music industry quite early in his life. Let’s have a quick look at his bio.

Quick Bio:

Real name Amos Bocelli 
Date of Birth 22nd February 1995
Age27 years old
Weight75 kgs
Height5ft 6 inches 
Place of origin Italy 
Religion Catholic 
Net worth 5 million USD
Hair colourBlack
Instagram Id@amosbocelli

Family And Personal Life:

Amos Bocelli is a 27-year-old Italian musician famous as Andrea’s oldest son. His mother, Enrica, was his father’s first wife. They got married in 1992. He was born after 3 years of their marriage. He has a younger brother, Matteo Bocelli, who is two and a half years younger than him.

The family lived happily until Amos’s parents decided to part ways after ten years of marriage in 2002. Despite getting divorced, both his parents lived in the same neighborhood to take care of Amos and his brother. 

In the same year after his divorce, Andrea Bocelli fell in love with Veronica Berti, who is presenting his second wife. He has a daughter with Veronica, named Virginia.

Despite his father starting a new family, Amos is quite close to him. He is close to his stepmother and half-sister, Virginia as well. Growing up, Amos has been seen performing with his father. Even later, he followed in the footsteps of his father and entered the music industry.


Amos, besides being a talented musician, is also a skilled engineer. He attended the University of Pisa to study aerospace engineering. He graduated with a BE degree.

After he got the engineering degree, he got into Instituto Superiore di Studi Musicali L. Boccherini. Here, he received a bachelor of art degree in piano.

Career As A Musician:

Amos has a great career as a pianist. He performed during his father’s live concert of “Love Me Tender” in 2013. He has been seen performing with his father, a lot of times. He also produced an album “Si” for his father in 2018.

Other beautiful pieces of his talent are the acoustic versions of “Ali di Liberta” and “Sono Qui”. He is also the caretaker of his father’s organisations. Amos became a member of the board of directors of a record company run by his father in the name, “Almud Edizioni Musicali” in 2014. After working here for two years, he joined the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. 

As per the research, he is presently growing his career in the music industry and taking care of his companies at the same time.

How Much Does Amos Earn As A Growing Musician?

Being a famous Italian musician and pianist, Amos earns a handsome amount from his profession. It is researched that, he has a net worth of $ 5 million as of present. 

How Socially Active Is Amos Bocelli?

Being a famous musician, Amos is quite popular among people. He has an official Instagram account with the name @amosbocelli with 57.2k followers at present. He is currently not available on Twitter or Facebook.

Is Amos Bocelli Single Or In A Relationship?

Is Amos Bocelli Single

As per the sources, Amos is currently focused on his career and is not dating anyone. He has not shared any information about his past relationships as well. However, Amos has shared pictures with a girl named “Naomi Tara Lievens”, with hashtags such as ” in love” etc. 

Since there are no clear updates about his relationship status, we cannot make a statement about him being single or in a relationship.

Amos And His Contribution To Charity:

Amos is a part of his father’s charity foundation, “The Andrea Bocelli Foundation”. The main aim of the foundation is to ensure that everyone can face economic or social crises and live a decent life. This organisation organized trips and accommodations for children and ten adults earlier. 

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His Interests And Hobbies:

Amos, being a singer, loves music. He is a travel freak and his favourite holiday destination is Spain. He loves photography and is also a pet lover.

Some Interesting Facts About His Life That His Fans Must Know:

  • Amos is also called Andrea at times, because of the similar features he shares with his father.
  • Amos’s father has been blind since the age of 12. He lost his eyesight due to congenital glaucoma and a knock on his head while he was watching a goal at a soccer match.
  • Andrea Bocelli has been a great inspiration to people, in addition to his music as he achieved great heights despite being blind.
  •  Amos got his name from one of his father’s close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amos Bocelli:

Q1. How did Amos Become Famous?

Amos is a celebrated Italian singer and pianist who gained popularity as the oldest son of famous singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli. 

Q2. How is Amos Bocelli related to Andrea Bocelli?

Amos Bocelli is the oldest son of Andrea Bocelli. 

Q3. Is Amos Bocelli Single or is He in a Relationship?

Amos being a private person has never made a statement concerning his relationship so there is no clear information about his relationship status. 

Q4. What is his Profession?

Amos Bocelli is a famous Italian singer. Besides that, he is additionally an engineer.

Q5. How many Siblings does He have?

Amos has a younger brother, Matteo Bocelli, who is two and a half years younger than him. He has a half-sister, Virginia Berti.


We hope you have got all the little information about the famous Italian singer and pianist Amos Bocelli. Amos is a private person and does not share much about his personal life. He is not active on any social media handle other than Instagram. 

We have not been able to get much information about his personal life. In this article, we have given all information concerning his family, profession, career, social media handles etc that give his fans a complete idea about his life.  We have tried to gather and present every little piece of information present on the internet.

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