Acknowledging Toxic Relationships

Finding it hard to let go and move on? You are not alone and it is likely not entirely your fault, that things didn’t work out. When couples break up, there is always a desire to learn what happened. Sometimes both parties just want to move on, with no closure and no communication. Other times, couples stay together, with one partner unaware they are in a toxic relationship.

The old cliché is that love is blind, and one cannot see a relationship for what it is. If the relationship you are in has been deemed toxic, perhaps you should step back and ask yourself why. There are many women or men like you who are oblivious to their dysfunctional relationship.

Recognizing Toxicity

You cannot recognize toxicity if love has blinded you, or if you have low self-esteem. Many women stick to failing relationships because they are afraid. They are afraid of surviving on their own. Some women receive endless beatings and still don’t acknowledge their demise. When you meet that fine lass on there is a chance she seeks a tranquil relationship. If you are one of these ladies and you are not sure where your relationship is heading, keep reading.

Let’s dive into a few signs and symptoms of toxic relationships, and how to avoid them.


When a man or woman puts their interests before their partner, it is a sign of toxicity. The relationship cannot blossom or continue for long if interests aren’t meant in totality. The man might run a business and never care about the lady’s needs. The lady might open hers and never care much for the kids, hubby, or anything indirectly related to her. This one-sided form of relationship is a bachelor’s existence. It is not meant for longevity and normally leads to therapy, separation, and bitter divorces.

Filling A void

Some folks enter relationships to fill a void, which is not good at all. This happens when someone is recently separated, perhaps divorced, not loved enough by family and friends, or has other personal issues. They rush into a relationship to feel needed, loved, and appreciated. Recognizing if you or your partner is filling a void can help you avoid unnecessary heartaches.


Some couples experience negativity from partners all the time. This occurs when a partner keeps shunning away your ideas, your friends, and anything you attempt to do. Also, they might talk ill of your family members. This negativity is detrimental to any relationship. Regardless of your love for someone, there should never be such negativity, especially perennially. 

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