Beautiful voluminous but still very chic, a blowout is one of the best techniques to give your hair a gorgeous texture and dimension. Blowout hairstyles have been fashionable for many years and they have always adapted to the current trends. Blowout hairstyles for natural hair are a great way to tame our mane and to make a polished and elegant hairstyle. But a simple blowout can be quite boring. Let’s see how we can spice up blowout hairstyles for natural hair.

1. Washing and conditioning

Every good hairstyle begins with a very good wash. Choose a shampoo that carefully cleans the scalp and leaves the hair with no dirt or debris. This is the first step for a good blowout hairstyle. Then apply a conditioner that has taming and hydrating properties. This way the natural hair will become less coarse and frizzy, being easier to style and comb.

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A very good habit that can make your blowout hairstyle gorgeous is deep conditioning. This procedure will pump all the needed hydration and nutrition in the hair cuticle, leaving you locks sleek and shiny. Deep conditioning should be done once a week and it will give great results if it is done before doing blowout hairstyles on natural hair.

To make sure that your hair will still behave after it is dry, a leave-in conditioner is a good choice even after you have rinsed the deep conditioner. Natural hair tends to get dry and coarse very fast and a leave-in conditioner can be life-saving.

2. Drying the hair

After you have finished washing, towel-dry your hair with a special cloth or drying towel. Regular towels can be too harsh with the natural hair, leaving it very frizzy and damaged. Make sure that you are just pressing the drying cloth on the hair, not rubbing it.

Air dry or use a blow-dried until your hair is 80% dry. This is the point where the styling process begins. Take the ends of your hair and extend the lock while drying it. This step will give your hair more volume and fluffiness. Next, select the round brush of your choice. The perfect choice would be a styling ceramic brush because it is designed to be used for blowouts.

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Start from the roots of your hair and brush the hair until the ends. To add extra spiciness, curl the ends of your hair to the inside or outside of your face. This is a very old and glamorous technique that will give you a very elegant and polished look. To work your blowout hairstyle easier, separate your hair into section and make sure that you work every section completely before going to the next one.

3. Extra styling

Even curly hair can sometimes lack volume. If you want to have a mane at the end of your blowout, take your teasing comb out and do the magic. The best hairstyle with curled ends is the side-parted one. Part your hair on one side and then tease where you think you need more volume. Use some puff of hairspray to lock that volume.

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If your end curls are more rebellious you can go in with a flat iron or curling iron to adjust the “architecture” there. This way they will last for many days in the row and they will not be damaged by sleeping, running your hand through your hair, or by the simple gravity.

4. Final touch-ups

To avoid dry and coarse blowout hairstyles you can use some oil. Apply just a few pumps (depending on the length of your hair) in your palms and then gently rub it on your hair. Make sure that you don’t get the oil on your scalp and that you carefully hydrate the length of your hair. You can use the same oil for the ends of your hair or if you have it at hand, the type of oil that prevents split ends.

Take your favorite hairspray and lock your gorgeous hairstyle in place. Make sure that you don’t forget the back of your head given because otherwise the blowout will be ruined after the first night of sleep. After applying the hairspray make sure that you carefully comb your hair. This way you make sure that all the products are evenly distributed and that your hairstyle has no knots.

A blowout hairstyle is one of the best “salon-to-house” styling options. It can be modified in many ways, suiting your personality or current mood. The hairstyle presented above is one of the most versatile, being suitable for work, casual days, or formal events. This style will flatter all of your natural features and it will last for days in a row, keeping your look polished and elegant.

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