A Few Gift Suggestions to Nail Corporate Gift-Giving

A successful business nowadays is an object of admiration considering all the roadblocks needed to overcome like the fierce competition, as well as unpredictable situations like the pandemic we’ve had to deal with since 2020. Of course, the business itself is an entity composed of all the employees and partners as the backbone that turn it into what it is, so in reality, they are the true objects of admiration.

As such, they deserve to be treated with respect and have their productivity and efforts rewarded to show them exactly how precious they are to the company. And what better way to express your gratitude for everything they’ve done and continue to do for your most valuable asset, your business, than with corporate gift-giving?

Taking into consideration this is a practice that’s more delicate than your regular gift-giving and requires you to be mindful of certain rules like avoiding both cheap and expensive gifts, it’s understandable if you feel like you’re getting into a sticky wicket. But with the following well-chosen suggestions for business gifts, it doesn’t have to be so!

What Are the Best Corporate Gifts?

While it may seem somewhat difficult to narrow down your choices, given that each individual has his or her own taste and style, there are a few criteria you can bundle up when selecting the best corporate gifts. These include professionalism, thoughtfulness, and relevance. The following ideas encompass these criteria.

What Are the Best Corporate Gifts?

Edible Gifts 

When in doubt, food can be the perfect solution even if the recipients aren’t known as foodies. The reason tasty edible business gifts are popular time and time again is that they’re suitable for any occasion. In this case, they’re on our list of suggestions because they can help you show the professional, thoughtful, and relevant side of corporate gift-giving.

With the range of options of hampers full of delicious goods like varied chocolates, chocolate-dipped fruits, doughnuts, crackers, and cheeses, accompanied by suitable drinks, you can easily find something that’s neither expensive nor cheap. This is perfect to surprise each and every employee and partner in your company.

If you ask around and find out what people’s likes and dislikes are, you could truly get them a meaningful snack and drink and show them you care about going the extra length. This way you’d also save yourself the embarrassment of buying an item they’re allergic to or can’t eat because of a strict diet.

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As far as relevance goes, based on the occasion you’re buying for, there are hampers and boxes with various themes you can choose from, be it Christmas or Easter. And, in case there isn’t something available for the situation or message you want to transmit, you could always choose to customise the corporate gifts with heartfelt notes, and your brand’s logo as the nice finishing touch.

Team Gifts

Maintaining the professionalism part of the experience, you can make everyone feel appreciated as part of the team and boost their morale by choosing gifts they can all share. Again here you have various options to choose from, among which are a range of business gifts that are delicious too.

If you have a company with separate office rooms for everyone, why not make break time an experience they can enjoy together over a hamper filled with varied salty and sweet treats and a variety of savoury coffees and teas. In addition to improving the professional relationships and creating a stronger team, this can have a positive effect on their productivity as well. What could be better than working in a positive environment?

Apart from edible gifts, there are other ideas to try out, like for instance buying items in bulk. Desk accessories are a great option and if you want to kick it up a notch, avoid getting the boring mugs with tacky messages, and choose a set of ashtrays, mugs, trays for accessories, and pen boxes with the same colour and theme.

Can’t find a colourful set? Buy these items in bulk and personalise them. This is sure to beautify everyone’s desk, creating a lovely area of productivity. Tech gadgets like noise-cancelling headphones, charging stations, and cable organisers are nice options too.

Pampering Gifts

Modern lifestyles are often synonymous with stress so it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves nowadays. The sight of an increase in sick leaves might be what you need to remind your employees to start taking better care of themselves with the perfect pampering gifts. This way, whenever they think of the workplace, they won’t necessarily relate it to something stressful!

Besides the range of corporate gift baskets and chocolate bouquets, you can make the gift-giving time all the more special with a few well-chosen well-being items. You could boost a boring basket with comfy bathrobes, a pair of comfy slippers, luxe sleeping eye covers, or a set of natural skincare essentials, a selection of essential oils for relaxation and a humidifier, plus an organic candle.

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Green Gifts

Same as hampers with edible treats, plants are gifts that are more than welcome, especially in the work setting. Still, if you want to be on the safe side in terms of ethics, have in mind flowers have a significance of their own. So the ones you choose can transmit messages that you may not wish to project. In case you’re not sure about flower symbolism, and which colour is best suited for the occasion, you’re best left with gifting greenery like succulents.

The resilient plants they are, your giftees won’t have to worry too much about whether or not they could go a day without water. You too won’t have to fret about the condition they arrive in as they’re easy to prepare and transport. Moreover, they’re available in various sizes and prices so you’re sure to find something that matches your budget.

And if you have some dollars left to spare, you can spend them on fancy matching pots that are nice for the succulents just as they’re perfect for the décor of the office interior. Not that difficult to spread some cheer, is it?

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