7 Tips For Women Traveling Solo To England

England is a place that everyone has seen from a movie, a celebrity profile, or read about it in a book. This is a place that is known for black taxis, double-decker buses, Tower Bridge, and such other highlights. There are a lot of things that make England one of the most travelled places. 

If you are coming to solo then you may take the option of Airport taxi service in London to reach your hotel. Following this, there are many women on a daily basis that want to travel solo and England is on their bucket list. But planning a trip that would be solo to England is for sure overwhelming because it has a lot to offer you. 

Still, there is nothing to worry about because we got you covered. This is an article about seven tips for women who want to travel solo to England. 

Small is Always Great:

You should consider going for small b&bs and hotels that have only a few rooms. The owner of such places does enjoy meeting their guests and doing small talks with them as you are travelling alone, so they will make sure that you are comfortable. Also, these small hotel owners do give you accurate local information. This way you will get to know all the best things to see and places to visit in England with quality foodstuff. 

Don’t Believe Everything About Pubs:

Regardless of all the best efforts by British tourism authorities, most of the pubs in England are not great or welcoming. If you simply want to eat cheap food with a drink alone, it is a great option. But hoping to meet with locals at a pub won’t be a great option. This can disappoint you. 

Encounters Would Happen, Accept It:

Yes, you are travelling alone all on your own, but it does not mean at all that you should always be alone. If you find anyone coming to you in a friendly way and you feel safe, then you should exchange the same energy (for sure only if you are in a mood). Some people would like to have dinner with you at a restaurant you are sitting in, so these small encounters are good and help you feel confident.

In Restaurants Don’t Do These Things:

If you go to a restaurant and sit in a dark corner or too close to the toilet or kitchen, don’t sit. Instead, you should consider going somewhere else.

Never bury inside a book, laptop, or tablet in a restaurant. Instead, a good option is to bring a notebook or a journal with you to make occasional small notes. This small note-taking thing makes you look interesting and mysterious instead of lonely buried in a book or your phone.

If you want to try a famous restaurant but feel shy to go alone, consider going early when there are fewer couples or go for lunch. 

Know When It is Safe Alone and When Not:

Going for a daytime walk around a historic site in England is totally fine to do on your own. But a pub crawl at night should always be done with a group. You can find groups in certain ways. If you want to visit the countryside, cycling or walking on certain marked routes and paths between towns and villages is usually safe. But going alone of highlands or peak districts needs you to be with some who knows conditions and situations. 

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Use Public Transport:

Yes, going alone all on your own to England is a great plan. So use their public transport as much as you can. This way you will know about new places in between the routes and you can talk to people too, to know a few things (if you want to). Apart from this, note that the transport in England is well organized and almost in running condition, so this means there is nothing to worry about. 

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Don’t Forget Parks:

London, England should be the park capital all around the world. There are incredible quality and quantity of parks there. Right in the heart of London, you have Royal Park owned by the British Royal Family. Then there is massive Hyde Park where you can easily spend all day alone enjoying. There are several concerts and other attractions there for you. 

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