7 Essential Academic Assistance Apps for Students

College students need to deal with multiple complex tasks which involve handling assignments, weekend projects, and then the pressure of attending online classes. While some students manage to handle this academic stuff quite efficiently, others fail to organize these chores and meet deadlines. Read to know 7 essential apps for Academic Assistance.

A better overall organization for your day starts from simple things, such as changing a folder icon for easier distinction or creating custom tags for files. Ultimately, though, many tasks can be automated or simplified with the help of various applications.

The article enlists and describes some of the highly-responsive apps designed to make academic life easier. 


School or college-related tasks often include screen-recording, video editing, image-editing, and more. Capto is an all-in-one application that allows students to handle all these tasks seamlessly and proficiently. It allows you to capture either the entire screen or a part of it to complete your projects and assignments. 

With Capto, you can record videos, as well as edit and annotate them. It also allows you to adjust the audio tracks to make a great sound that is unique in its own terms. This app is a must-have tool in the student’s toolkit. 


Manuscripts is an excellent solution for those who need to create academic papers. The app is designed to help students create, edit, annotate papers, and handle footnotes. It also helps students to restructure papers as per specific requirements. 

It’s a collaborative authoring software that allows you to support scientific content right from the beginning. Save the valuable time that you spend planning and formatting the work through one of 1300+ in-built journal submission templates. You can collaborate in real-time with co-authors. 

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XMind is a full-fledged brainstorm and mind-mapping tool that will help you to generate superior ideas and bring efficiency to the work culture. It includes Pitch Mode that presents a mind map similar to that of the slideshow. 

Mind mapping allows you to know where you are in the project and where you should be right from the inception to the final execution. It also allows you to make an in-depth comparative analysis as well as track schedules and milestones efficiently. It works on computers and other digital devices, including smartphones.


Whether you are studying science, history, literature, law, medicine, mathematics, or another subject, the app allows you to achieve your learning goals. Create intelligent notes to make things easier for you in the most intuitive manner. Create notes in the form of images, text, audio and video links, or other useful formats. 

Studies apps are specifically meant for students to help them create and maintain study schedules and manage them as per academic requirements. You can install this app on your computer, but make sure to optimize the device for better performance. 


Whether you are using a smartphone or a computer, being a student, you will have to manage several normal to high-end tasks. You can manage your monthly assignments, organize daily tasks, and prioritize important projects using the Todoist app. It is your personal task manager that allows organizing your work to help you meet the deadlines without fail. 

The clean and intuitive interface makes it an ideal app for students with minimum technical know-how. This app integrates well with Windows and macOS and works seamlessly on all digital devices. So, wherever you go, keep a constant track of your tasks from start to finish. 

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Dropbox -  Apzo Blog

Cloud storage helps you optimize your drive in different ways. You can store important data in Dropbox and add an extra layer of security to your files, folders, documents, and other data. It acts as the backup copy of important data, which you can save on your drive when required. 

Storing data in Dropbox allows you to make more space on the storage media. You can speed up your computer manually by moving data to the cloud because more free storage on the device’s drive usually improves the overall performance. On the other hand, you might need to look for more quick tips online to fix issues that are causing slowdowns. 

However, the bottom line is that cloud services give 2GB to 5GB free storage, including Google Drive and iCloud. The amount comes in handy.


If you are a literature student, you may require writing long-form articles and essays as part of your assignments. If yes, Ulysses is for you as you can draft interesting and engaging content using the application. You can even write novels and dissertations and complete your projects on time. 

The content you complete is organized into folders, and you can easily search it using keywords. It is a great tool for writers and all those who are involved in the writing profession or planning to start one after completing their studies. It provides students with a distraction-free writing environment that helps them stay focused on assignments. 

More to it, the app makes your work simpler by syncing data with iCloud Drive, making it available on different devices right from anywhere. Also, you can save your work in different file formats to make them highly accessible. 

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