7 Businesses You Can Run by Yourself as a Student

Some say that students are the best entrepreneurs. They are full of life, have great ideas, and have lots of time on their hands. Also, when you start a business, it’s very important to have a vision and follow it in the future. This is why students can be a perfect example of a successful business owner with their idealistic worldview.

Still, there are a lot of things to consider when creating a start-up and getting a diploma at the same time. For example, not all learners have a trust fund just lying around, so money can be a problem. Also, combining your work and studying might not leave a lot of time for your social life.

When you embark on your entrepreneurial journey out of your dorm room, there are several areas that will be most convenient. And if you are overwhelmed with your homework, don’t hesitate to hire an essay writing service for some help! For these and many more reasons, there are some business ideas that are just perfect for a young pupil. 

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So, are you ready to start a new chapter of your life? Here are 7 business ideas that you can run by yourself as a student!

Best business ideas for students

Now you can finally plan your start-up! Sometimes it helps to brainstorm together with a group of friends and see what will happen. Your homework will be in the good hands of expert specialists that you can choose based on essay writing reviews online. Now, nothing can stop you from having wild success with your company!

Social media management

This idea comes first on this list for several reasons. First of all, young people are always on their phones. Second of all, nobody knows social media better than students. So, you might as well profit out of it! Managing social media accounts for brands or celebrities is very hot right now, but it requires a bit of marketing knowledge.

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Event promotion

This business will be perfect for those who enjoy planning social gatherings. Of course, your start-up won’t book huge gigs right from the start. Still, there are plenty of local opportunities that you can make the best out of! Some of the skills for this job include negotiation tactics, empathy, and communication.

Online tutoring and coaching company

This is a pretty obvious solution, especially for those students who are almost done with their degree. There are many freshmen and high-school learners who need some guidance in their studies. Basically, you will be coaching younger pupils and helping them with their homework. Just pick some subjects that you enjoy and understand! 

Here are some of the most important school subjects that a lot of learners need help with:

  • Specialized courses: nursing programs, preparing for exams, and so on;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Basic academic courses like history, marketing, English, etc.;
  • Technical subjects, for example, programming, design, and mobile software development.

Hand-crafted jewelry store

Don’t disregard making something with your hands too quickly! Sure, there might be some competition at first. But with a little bit of creativity and determination, you can find your niche and a loyal client base! Also, with social media promotion, you can effortlessly cut down costs for advertising and just promote your business organically.

Various services

Okay, this sounds a little bit vague. Usually, a service-based company implies that your clients will get something other than physical products. This is a path that will always be in demand because people always need to get something done! It’s also a nice idea to start at campus and expand further. So, if you are ready to handle physical work, here are some examples:

  • Catering and baking store;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Pet sitting, dog walking, and grooming for animals;
  • All kinds of beauty procedures, like manicures or hairstyles.

On-campus delivery

With the popularity of delivery apps, there is no need to go out shopping during the day. But think about those people who are studying late at night or partying on the weekends. With most stores closed, your delivery services could be a smash! Also, this business will not interfere with your daytime studies at all.

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This is very similar to coaching, but you will be offering advice to business owners instead of your fellow classmates. When you have some excellent experience and expertise in any area, you should capitalize on that! A lot of companies are looking for outside consulting, especially young specialists who can bring a fresh perspective. This can be perfect for you and your friends!

What are the advantages of starting your own business in college?

People are very creative and inspired when they are surrounded by like-minded individuals. This is exactly what college is like! If you are still not sure that this is such a great idea, here are some points that can change your mind!

  • It might cover your tuition.
  • You can have a little extra income for your daily expenses.
  • You can find a niche that you really like for your future career.
  • Your company might take off and lead to a huge success.
  • You can gain valuable experience in the long run!


So there you have it, 7 business ideas that you can run by yourself as a student! Now you will have some direction for your entrepreneurial ideas. With enough determination, you can achieve anything! And with support from your college friends, there will be plenty of opportunities for your future career.

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