7 Accessories For Warm, Vintage Home Decor Vibes

If you live in an old home, making it feel vintage may not be difficult. But most newer homes have that cool modern feel. 

If you have a newer home or apartment but prefer to live in a warm vintage space, you can still have your way. You just need to purchase some key accessories to transform your space.

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Here are the top accessories you can add to your home to bring in those warm vintage vibes:

1. Aged Doors and Windows

If you really want to throw your home back in time, you can find some rustic old doors or window frames and repurpose them in your home decor.

Old doors can be transformed into a bookshelf with a few planks drilled onto the front. Old wooden windows make for great wall art.

Connect a few antique french doors together and you can use them as a room divider. 

Old ladders can be propped against the wall and used to hold throw blankets or hung from the ceiling with some hooks and used as a pot rack. 

2. Antique Books

One of the cheapest ways to add some vintage vibes to your home is to collect old books. These can be sprinkled around the house in several different ways. 

Of course, you can always just put them on a bookshelf but you can also get creative with our placement.

You can place a few books under your table lamp and add a couple to the dining room centerpiece with a tin bucket full of baby’s breath flowers. 

These are just a couple of ideas but you can use them in any area to add an antique flair to your home. 

3. The Right Light 

Vintage lighting makes a big impact. You can switch out modern lighting fixtures for older chandeliers, antique table lamps, and wall sconces.

If you look at the lighting from the Great Gatsby, there are some beautiful pieces that can find a place in your home. These golden-era fixtures are nothing like the cold and bland modern pieces.

Lighting in the 60s and 70s would work well in a vintage-style home that has a more boho approach to the design. 

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4. Floral Patterns

Florals are so traditional that any furniture or accent made with floral material will add vintage vibes to a home. Of course, if you overdo the florals, it will turn your home into a gaudy mess, so it’s best to only choose a few key pieces.

Perhaps floral curtains or an accent chair would do well. You can also find a floral wallpaper to add to an accent wall for a more dramatic effect. 

5. Vintage Rugs

The addition of a rug to any space will change the tone of the room. A dark rug will add drama to a room. A soft, plush rug will add luxury to a room. 

When you want to add a vintage vibe, you want a rug that will add warmth. Lawrence of LaBrea has a wonderful selection of rugs that would work well to warm a room. 

Cold, bare floors won’t do in a vintage home. You need to find the perfect rug to match your vintage style, whether it be a shag rug or an antique Persian rug. 

6. Wall Art

What you place on your walls can also affect the feeling of your home. To turn back the clock, why not find some wall art from long ago?

You can find so many vintage graphic prints from the 50s and 60s that you can easily frame and place on your wall. 

If you would rather have something more subtle, botanical prints will work well. 

Hand-painted porcelain tile can also be hung on the wall in a sort of mosaic pattern. 

For a more dramatic wall piece, an art deco mirror like the famous starburst is a timeless piece. 

7. Antique Storage

Adding a trunk, armoire, pie safe, or ornate bookshelf can do wonders for furthering the vintage feel of your home.

You can find some of these at thrift shops for cheap and repaint them to match your current colour schemes. 

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With these accessories, you can turn any house into a home with a vintage feel. Finding these accessories is where you might come into some trouble.

You can get lucky at times and find real vintage accessories in a thrift shop or at a garage sale, but there are some specialty shops online where you can purchase vintage products.

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