6 Effective Tips To Have A Sparkling Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a necessity, of course, but never a desirable activity to do. Some couples or roommates even fight to take turns cleaning the bathroom on certain days, while others hire a housekeeper to clean it. Even the simplest task like scrubbing it becomes troublesome work for us, and leaving it as it makes the situation and the bathroom much worse than before. The good news is we have found some effective tips today to keep your bathroom clean effortlessly and save your bathroom from becoming the dirtiest place in the house.

The six effective tips which will surely help you keep your bathroom sparkling are listed below:

Regular cleaning:

To keep your bathroom sparkling, it should be cleaned regularly without being careless. You must clean it regularly with some cleaners, which will prevent tiles, shower heads, wash basins, mirrors, etc., from getting permanent stains, making them shine most of the time. Every day after taking a shower in the bathroom, you can mop out the wet area, which will prevent dirty water from being deposited on the floor. This will hardly take five minutes of your day, but it will help maintain a hygienic bathroom, free from germs and bacteria, and keep it clean and sparkling.

Use of vinegar:

To get your bathroom clean, you need not use very expensive cleaners. Simply, using vinegar can solve most of your problems. With vinegar, you can scrub away all the bacteria in your bathroom and even stains of urine and other stains.

Stainless tiles:

Keeping your tiles stainless will easily elevate the cleanliness and look of your bathroom, making it very important. Here also, you can easily use vinegar, mixing it with baking soda or lemon to increase its effectiveness. Then, just apply the vinegar solution and let it remain on the stains for a while, and wash it with water or scrub if needed. One extremely practical trick to keep your tiles sparkling is never to let water accumulate on your tiles for a longer time. 

Removing toilet stains:

There is a reason why vinegar is very useful for keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic. It helps to clean almost every worst part of your bathroom with ease. The simple reason is its acidity, which is high enough to remove stubborn stains easily. Just mix the vinegar solution and scrub it on the stains.

The other thing which can help you to clean the toilet stains is borax powder. You just need to apply that powder to the stains, clean the toilet, then flush, and the stains will be gone, and your toilet will look stainless and clean like a new one.

Cleaning other parts:

Mirrors, taps, faucets, shower curtains, etc., are also major things to look out for to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. For mirrors to be clean and shiny, you should wipe them with a cloth or regularly to prevent mildew from growing on them. Buying a glass cleaner spray for the mirrors or any other tools, from a one stop cleaning supplies to cleaning closets or taps for better results with less effort, will also help you. Make sure to clean your walls to prevent stains from being formed, thereby water splashes. You should also try to maintain the humidity level in your bathroom for the same cause.

Cleaning taps and faucets is not a big issue if you clean them at least twice a week, which will both make them stainless, and their operation will be smooth. Taking care of these little things will also help you on the full cleaning day. Remember to wash your shower curtains once a week or two in a washing machine to keep them clean and prevent them from looking dull.

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Bathroom cleaning tools:

Cleaning tools like toilet brushes or scrubs are also very important; otherwise, they can be the breeding place for bacteria and germs, which will waste all of your other efforts to keep your bathroom hygienic and sparklingly clean. After using the toilet brush, you can pour bleach on it and rinse it, or use a disinfectant spray on it and let it stand on it for some time, then wash it with water.

Another thing to remember is to keep your hand towels clean, which are kept in your bathroom, to maintain the hygiene level of the bathroom as sometimes, germs and bacteria can even reside there.

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