5 Ways To Revamp Your Clothes

It can be easy to go through your closet each year and throw out the clothes you don’t want anymore. While clearing out your closet to make way for some new outfits is good to do now and again, consider how many of the clothes you are getting rid of could be saved. If you want to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, or even save yourself some money when you next go shopping, consider these 5 ways to revamp your old clothes and see if they can save them for you.

Adjust the Hemlines

One way you can change the look of an old dress, skirt, or even trousers and jeans is by adjusting their length. It will be easier to make these clothes shorter, but you can always purchase more material to lengthen a skirt or dress if you wanted to. The only challenge with this is finding the right color and material to match unless you are happy with there being a difference. You can also turn old jeans and trousers into shorts or cropped/Capri style pants instead. 

Paint Your Clothes

You can get specialist paints for fabrics and these can be used to help transform some of your attire as well. Painting new patterns on a jacket or shirt can look incredible if you have the skill, or perhaps think about getting this Angelus shoe paint which could also work well on leather bags and belts. It’s a great way to make some truly unique pieces and express your personality and style.


Another gorgeous way to make a difference to old clothes is by embroidering a gorgeous pattern onto an item. Not only will this give your clothes a new look, but it can also be a fun hobby that a lot of people find relaxing. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to personalize your clothes, and perhaps you can choose a pattern that represents something special to you. 

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Add Embellishments

If you want to make an old t-shirt or blouse look appropriate for partywear, you could always look at adding some embellishments to otherwise plain and boring styles. This can be done for pretty much any plain piece of clothing, and you can add things such as sequins, beads, glitter, metallic studs, plastic gems – whatever you want to make it look more suitable for a special occasion or a night on the town. Just make sure you’re using the right glues for the fabric if you are going to stick anything on so that they will stay in place and not ruin the material. 

Patching Up the Holes

If you have a tear or hole in your clothing that can’t be fixed with your basic stitching, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it away. Getting another piece of material and patching up the holes in your clothes can be a great way to give them a second chance but can also look quite stylish if you do this right. 

If you want to attempt to repurpose your old clothes before deciding to throw them away, consider these suggestions on how you can revamp them and see if they will work for the looks you are trying to achieve. 

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