5 Reasons Why The Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Trend Is Here To Stay

Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas are just two examples from the endless list of celebrities who made the headlines with their halo engagement rings. Given the undying popularity of this type of engagement rings, it often makes people wonder what makes halo rings so special. Well, here’s looking at why halo engagement rings are all the rage and continue to be a top trend in the contemporary bridal jewelry space.

The setting type is really unique

The setting of a ring is an often-overlooked aspect of the ring selection, design, and making process, thanks to the excessive emphasis given to the center stone and base metal selection. However, it plays a massive role in defining the overall look of your ring. While you have several options to choose from, the halo setting has a distinct charm and allure. That is because this setting features several tiny diamonds that encircle a bigger gemstone in the center. As the name suggests, the setting is meant to create a border or halo around the central diamond.

Light reflects beautifully

Apart from looking pretty, a key reason why halo engagement rings create such an enigmatic and enchanting effect is that the tiny diamonds or accent stones around the center stone beautifully reflect light onto it. This stunning border or circular contour of small diamonds allow the center stone to take center stage and steal all the limelight while creating a gleaming, sparkling effect around it.

The diamond looks bigger than it actually is

Yes, that is absolutely true! You might wonder what kind of sorcery this is – but it is a fact. The accent stones which form a border around the center stone make it appear larger than it actually is. If you have budgetary constraints and cannot afford a huge diamond at the moment, it is best to opt for this setting. Hey, we totally get it – there’s nothing that compares to an attention-grabbing, wow-inducing engagement ring with a massive diamond on it!

The biggest of celebs swear by halo engagement rings

As we mentioned above, the biggest celebrities – from the rockstar Lady Gaga to internationally acclaimed actress Priyanka Chopra-Jonas – swear by this gorgeous setting. Lady Gaga’s engagement ring features a halo of pavé diamonds that surround a lovely sapphire. On the other hand, Priyanka’s halo engagement ring features a cushion-cut diamond with petite baguette stones forming a magnificent halo around it. In fact, if you were to do a quick Google search about celebrities who sport a halo engagement ring, you are likely to find a massive number of them flaunting their unique designs with this setting.

Halo engagement rings are versatile and dynamic

When it comes to ring selection or ring-making, you ideally want to have a bit of flexibility so you can get it designed or customized according to your specific needs and desires. The best thing about the halo setting is that it can support or accommodate any stone shape or cut. This means your options are endless when it comes to selecting the center stone. Expert jewelers can also help you choose diamonds that have the same color, cut, and clarity as that of your main stone in order to create a cohesive look. You can also experiment with colored stones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires.

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So, the biggest question most soon-to-be-engaged folks face is where they should buy their engagement ring from. Of course, you have a plethora of options online, but it is best to source your ring from a physical store. Another thing to keep in mind, especially in the case of halo engagement rings, is to only buy it from a trusted jeweler.

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