5 Fun Facts About the Medical Assistant Profession and How You Could Get Started

If you’re interested in a healthcare career but you don’t have the resources or time for extensive schooling, you may want to check out the medical assistant profession. Although not as widely known as some other healthcare professions, medical assistants play a crucial role in numerous types of healthcare settings, and the career can be both rewarding and fruitful for the right person. If this sounds fascinating to you, check out these five fun facts about the profession, as well as what you can do to get started in it today.

The Educational Path Is Quicker Than for Most Medical Professions

You may already know that becoming a doctor or a nurse practitioner requires years of education and hands-on experience. If you’re interested in a medical career, but you don’t have oodles of time or money, you may want to give medical assistance closer consideration. This field allows you to start working faster than many other professions within the medical field. In fact:

  • You don’t need a degree
  • You can pass an American Association of Medical Assistants certification exam to start working
  • Your Certified Medical Assistant status can help you get your foot in the door
  • You may need less than a year to become a medical assistant

The Career Is in Higher Demand Now Than Ever Before

This is one medical profession that’s in high demand and appears to be getting even hotter. As a medical assistant, you’ll likely have your pick of working in a variety of healthcare settings, including:

  • Medical clinics
  • Large hospitals
  • Private offices

You’ll Learn Crucial Healthcare Skills That Will Last for a Career

Being a medical assistant gives you the opportunity to learn key healthcare skills that will stay with you throughout your career. If you decide to pursue another medical career later on, you will have already acquired the basics! For example, you’ll get the opportunity to observe some medical procedures, assist doctors and nurses in basic tasks, learn more about HIPAA laws, gain time management and communication skills, pay close attention to detail, and practice your empathetic bedside manner.

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You’ll Gain a Strong Foundation in the Medical Field

Working as a medical assistant can act as an education where you get paid! You’ll obtain a strong, well-rounded foundation, and may even pick up key skills relating to:

  • Patient injections
  • Life support
  • Running electrocardiograms
  • Learning key medical terminology
  • Taking patients’ vital signs

Launch Your Medical Assistance Career by Finding the Program That’s Right for You

There are no national requirements to become a medical assistant, but going through a program before trying to get your certification can be helpful. Pick a program that works for your schedule, time constraints, current educational level, and long-term career goals. See if you can save money by taking community college classes first.

For a career that allows you to enter healthcare relatively quickly and that can prove fruitful and rewarding, look no further than medical assistance. If you’ve always felt a calling to work in the medical field, consider these top reasons to become a medical assistant, and use this guide to get started on your way.

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