4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Cannabis Topical

Ever since cannabis went mainstream for its many health benefits, the industry exploded with different forms of getting the plant’s sought-after extracts into people’s hands.

You don’t just smoke cannabis anymore. There are multitudes of companies making all kinds of cannabis products as an alternative to the traditional form of delivery, which is smoking.

One of those new ways slowly gaining popularity is the use of topicals.

Why Choose Cannabis Topicals?

In the world of cannabis products, topicals refer to gels, creams, lotions, and salves infused with cannabis. This method is an ideal alternative to directly ingesting the drug.

There’s a growing population of people interested in the benefits cannabis offers but aren’t comfortable taking the drug for various reasons, including the drug’s psychoactive nature. Topicals allow people to put cannabis into their system by applying them to the skin.

One of the perks of using topicals is that you won’t have to go around choosing stash or learning about the intricate details of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains.

Unlike a smoker, such details aren’t necessary because topicals are made using specific ingredients and benefits listed on the label.

Cannabis or not, nobody likes to use any product blindly. If you’re buying topicals, these tips will help you get the most out of your choice:

  1. Double Check the Vendor

The legal status of cannabis doesn’t allow THC-infused products out on the market for anyone to buy. That doesn’t stop shady brands from marketing their products as containing THC.

If you need the psychoactive cannabinoid in your topicals, your best bet is to buy from approved dispensaries strewn across the country. Getting infused topicals from questionable sources doesn’t guarantee quality. It’ll likely get you in trouble with the authorities as well.

  1. Compare Brands

Like most things you buy, different brands will offer different things. You want to consider that when shopping for topicals to avoid disappointment.

Comparing brands to see which one offers you the best deal without compromising the ingredients is smart. Still, you may get a product you don’t like anyway, probably because it wasn’t effective on you.

We suggest starting with popular brands that everybody seems to say good things about, like Mary Jane’s Medicinals and Dixie.

  1. Know Which Topicals to Use

Topicals vary and may not offer the same amount of relief due to their differences. It’s best to know which topical to use for a certain issue rather than going with anything you find.

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Below are different kinds of topicals and what they are most suited for:

  • Creams and Lotions

Creams and lotion topicals are best for skin problems and tend to stay longer on the skin surface, which means prolonged relief from pain. They also penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream with ease.

  • Ointments

Ointments are less like creams and generally oily. Ointment topicals are mostly medicinal and great for skin conditions.

  • Balms 

Balms are thick in concentration due to beeswax. They aren’t the best option for quicker absorption into the skin, but they’re great for external use.

  • Gels and Sprays

Gels and sprays are usually oil-free, thinner, and with more water content. This makes them perfect for faster absorption into the skin. Also, the foamy consistency of sprays makes them ideal for quick relief.

  1. Learn About CBD and Marijuana

When talking about cannabis topicals, we’re talking about a wide range of products that fall between marijuana and hemp.

Considering both hemp and marijuana are categorized as cannabis since they’re both coming from cannabis seeds, you’ll find that some hemp topicals are passed off as containing marijuana-specific cannabinoids when that’s not the case.

Understanding what makes hemp different from marijuana will help you navigate through the products you come across. 

Just remember that hemp is legal, readily available, and contains CBD. Marijuana is rich in THC and a small amount of CBD. It’s only legal in certain states, and they regulate how you get your hands on such products.

Final Thoughts

Topicals offer a simpler approach to enjoying cannabis benefits. The use of topicals may not be the best way to get the drug into your system, but it’s by far the safest delivery method.

Start with topicals if you’re interested in trying out weed but not sure you want to go all-in. When you’re ready, you can venture further into the cannabis industry.

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