10 Highest Paying IT Jobs

With the advancement in technology, man has also started working like a machine. Today, technology is the pinnacle of research, development and creative thought in our country. It can not only improve people’s way of living but can make it much more valuable by solving real-life day to day problems at the same time. So, if you are a technology freak and looking out for a lucrative and rewarding career after graduation, then, you should read this article till the end, and have a look at 10 highest paying IT jobs which will be in demand for future. 

Software Applications Developer

Median Salary: $103,620

This is one of the top paying IT jobs till date. A software developer starts with research and analysis by creating a computer, if you are a system developer or by developing a new Smartphone application, if you are an application developer. The applications developed are fully optimized which apply to numerous areas such as to a specific business, organization, industry, etc. For example, Google Chrome is a software application; a web browser, developed by Google. 

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Median Salary: $118, 370

This career is another top-paying IT job where scientists create and design new ways to use computing technology. They create new technology methods for numerous industries, including business, medical, technological and scientific fields. Many of them work for the federal government, IT industry, computer system industry, engineering industry and some of them even for colleges and universities.

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Computer Programmer

Median Salary: $134, 630

It is one of the top-paying entry-level IT jobs. As a computer programmer, you should know some very famous language of computers like C++, Java, etc. They often take ideas created by developers and software engineers. With many students having graduated from computer field or computer-related field, this job can play as a great entry-level career in this field.

Software System Developer

Median Salary: $110, 000

They are technology knacks who research and create systems-level software. You can work with several engaging industries which belong to medical, military, industrial and scientific fields. The most important thing, you should know how to work with basic principles of computer science, engineering and mathematical analytics. If you want to choose this job, you have to set operational specifications and create software requirements. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Jersey are some of the top paying states for this top paying IT job.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Median Salary: $119, 000

They develop, manage and oversee AI initiatives within an organization or company. AI engineer will be soon in demand by data scientists. One should have a thorough knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Moreover, a clear cut understanding is needed related to AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Plus, they should have solid programming skills about Python, Torch, Tensor Flow and other related technologies.

Full-Stack Developer

Median Salary: $110, 000

A full-stack developer is responsible for designing and building API’s using MEAN stack technologies, ensuring the applications created are responsive and making sure the created code has integrity intact and implementing data security. The person who is well-versed in both front-end and back-end development and someone who has got skills in every stage of development is an advantage. A developer should know how to design and develop API, coding and scripting, fundamentals of web development and basics of database technologies. Check out the Full stack development course for more details.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Median Salary: $133, 000

It is the most trending top-paying IT job. The individual needs to be leading and participating in architectural designing activities, helping to develop an overall IoT Solution Framework and even translating business needs into architectural requirements. This is the leadership role where you should have a strong grip on programming skills, understanding Machine Learning and knowledge about hardware design and architecture.

Software Architect

Median Salary: $130, 000

A software architect is an expert-level software developer who communicates with businesses and clients to design and execute solutions by working with a team of software engineers. They work as a designer, developer and serve as a communicator to software development teams. They also identify a customer’s needs and perform hands-on work to develop prototypes efficiently. You should know data modeling; know software architecture, good programming and analytical skills.

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Cloud Architect

Median Salary: $118, 000

A cloud architect is responsible for developing an organization’s cloud computing strategy, coordinating the implementation and ensuring app architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are being done properly. A thorough understanding of cloud application architecture, a deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure and good communication skills are a must to be in demand for future in this high paying IT job.

Blockchain Engineer

Median Salary: $130, 000

Due to the rapid rise of this technology, you can choose this as your career path where there have been already shortages of trained professionals in this field. This Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that allows data to be stored globally on thousands of server at a time while letting anyone on the network see everyone else’s entries in real-time. They develop; implement architecture and solutions using blockchain technology. One should have solid programming skills and a deep understanding of the technologies existing behind Ripple, R3, Bitcoin, etc. and consensus methodologies and the security protocol stacks, crypto libraries. This can be another highest paying IT job in demand for future.

Be it any tech career you choose, it takes a lot of commitment, will power and dedication to stay on this path. On top of it, it also involves a lot of scientific reasoning, problem-solving mind, being creative, and definitely, a right-brain thinker. You can luckily fit the bill for an IT career if you are the one who fixes your bike, car, mobile phone, Wi-Fi connection without any professional help. And, if you are definitely in love with this highly evolving technological world, and you are a mechanic of your own house, then this career option is the right one for you.

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