Why Do Women Need Strength Training?


Recently, more and more information has appeared on the Web about the benefits of strength training for the fair sex, but there is still such a category of women who believes that such training is the prerogative of men.

This is a categorically incorrect opinion since strength training brings maximum benefits. If a woman wants to have a slim, fit, and sculpted body, he will help her with this.

Reasons for Strength Training for Women

Here are some of the reasons for women to do strength training:

Faster Fat Loss

Strength training increases active muscle mass, which significantly speeds up metabolism. The body begins to burn a larger number of calories during the day, which will allow you to burn over 0.75-1 kg of body fat over the course of a month. Each new kilogram of muscle will increase daily calorie expenditure by 25-30 kilocalories.

Physical strength

Training will help increase physical strength; make the muscles taut, but not voluminous, like the pitching of men. This is due to the fact that in the body of a woman 10-20 times less hormone testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth. The figure will become athletic and at the same time feminine. Nevertheless, if you get any injuries in the process, it is better to get compression wrap benefits are considered and precaution are taken to avoid any harm.

Osteoporosis Prevention

After six months of strength training and with a diet high in calcium, the risks of getting osteoporosis are reduced by 30-50 percent. This is because in the bones the content of minerals increases, blood circulation in the joints and ligaments improves.

Improving sports performance

Strength training will help all professional athletes improve their results in major sports. In addition, they will strengthen the ligaments and joints; prepare the muscle corset for increased loads.

Prevention of back pain

Multiple studies confirm that just a year of regular strength training allows you to get rid of back pain or significantly reduce their intensity.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Strength training can prevent the development of cardiovascular problems by reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol. In addition, in combination with cardio-events, pressure normalizes (there is a decrease in hypertensive patients and an increase in hypotensive patients).

Diabetes prevention

Most scientists agree that regular exercise significantly improves blood sugar metabolism, which reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, for women suffering from this disease, such activities will help improve their health. Studies show that after 4 months of regular and competent strength training with an instructor, they increase the amount of glucose consumed by 15-25 percent.


For those women who have never been involved in strength training, it is necessary to start doing everything gradually. In the first 3-4 months, you need to perform exercises with your own weight, and only after that move on to the fitness equipment, barbell, and dumbbells. The presence of a competent trainer in the gym will speed up the process; will achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time.


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