What is the Victorian Ring?


The Victorian ring has been a coveted class for centuries due to its uniqueness, exclusivity, exceptional design, and high-quality gemstones and diamonds. The most striking feature of these jewels is that a craftsman’s personal connection and love of craftsmanship transform ordinary items into jewelry masterpieces. However, many people don’t understand the true value of handmade jewelry compared to their mass-produced counterparts. There are several reasons why the Victorian ring is more of an investment than the mass-produced parts. Artisans and manufacturers give love and energy to every job, and many designers use local products, materials, and people to produce their creations. In addition to the added value inherent in Victorian jewelry, you are also buying a truly unique product that supports the community. Here are some of these standout features:

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Victorian ring

1. Classic and durable designs.

The Victorian ring is made of precious stones and diamonds, as it was made over 200 to 300 years ago. The stone cut style and jewelry making techniques are as they were used many centuries ago. Jewelry has design value and nostalgic value. Each piece is meticulously made by highly skilled people who are no less than the modern “Picasso”.

2. Made by real people

When you invest in a Victorian ring, you get a connection to the artist. Regardless of whether you want to recognize them face to face or recognize them after learning their unique story, you will remember that your purchase is compatible with a real person. With this money you buy clothes, food and vacations for someone whose artistic skills you admire. It is very gratifying to know that your money is being used for something good.

3. A story and a story behind each product.

When you wear a ring in your hand, you are part of the history and the story that the craftsman tells through his work. Each artist presents a unique reason to design jewelry. Your creations send a message. Perhaps only you know the true meaning behind this, but feel this connection between you and the person who created it.


4. There is no mass production machine involved

By definition, the Victorian ring is actually simply the one made by the “hands” of the artisan. The parts are welded, sawn, shaped and shaped without large production machines. A machine can start hundreds of units per hour, while a person can only produce a small amount finished. The meticulousness of the high-quality trimmings will counteract blemishes and mistakes far more than mass.

5. The value of time and effort.

Because it is not a large machine, making a single piece of Victorian artisan jewelry is incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive. The designer also often spends hours designing a single piece of jewelry for a customer. Once the design is done, it can take up to several weeks. This involves a lot of dedication, care, and attention to your jewelry.

6. The creative process.

The designer has a very close relationship with each design piece that he designs. The design process is the key to the inherent value of each piece. When making jewelry, there is a very close relationship between the creator and the work. The designer studies the work and processes that have been followed for centuries and then creates contemporary designs.

7. Uniqueness

Victorian handmade jewelry is unique. Creators and artisans can only create a limited number of pieces in their designer careers. If you own a piece of handmade jewelry, you probably have a very limited edition that will give you a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity. Please note that it is almost impossible to get another identical or similar.

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8. Metals and gems

The metals, precious stones and diamonds used in the manufacture of Victorian handmade pieces are of exceptional quality. Handmade materials generally come from reliable suppliers. The precious stones and diamonds used are completely natural and authentic. Sometimes they are specially cut and polished to give them the shape and size that the designer wants.

9. Ethical practices.

Victorian jewelry makers often rely on sustainability and ethical materials. Being ethical is often much more expensive in nature than going direct and buying from refiners or distributors at low prices and unreliable treatment. The jewelry is made by highly skilled craftsmen who are treated with respect and are paid fairly. Typically, it takes 5 to 7 years of training and internships for a worker to acquire the skills necessary to perform masterpieces.

10. quality

Small-scale production is almost always of better quality because the ability to track and control the process from start to finish is inherent in the manufacturing process. Creators and artisans are incredibly happy with the work they produce. They have nothing of poor quality sent to customers.

11. Unique

If you believe it, the handmade pieces are always unique in their own way. No handmade jewelry is exactly the same. Even if the handmade creation is part of an edition, it is unlikely that you will find someone wearing the same jewelry as you at a party. You are the only person in this article who says a particular gem that says tons. Surfaces, lines, and precious stones are always exclusive or personalized. It is something for you all the time. The design speaks volumes about the history of the time the original designs were created. You can connect to life and time by buying/wearing or studying such jewelry.


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