About Us

Company Intro:

Digital Chatni Enables industry by leading thought and influencing the influencers. Covering the Industry updates of Digital Marketing, Business, Technology, career, market and trending topics all around the world and spreading the thought likes industry benchmark, campaign reviews, Data insights and Marketing strategy for the personal development of influencing peoples. Our editorial team propels the industry with insightful analysis and investigative research empowering decision making.

Moving business by giving bespoke and industry explicit reports that fill age-old information holes. Some of the time responding to questions you didn’t have any acquaintance with you expected to inquire!

Our team consists of platform experts, an analyst specializing in a wide range of industries and Marketing management experts.

Author Intro:

Graduated with BBA to enriching experience in SEO & Social Media Marketing. A passionate Digital Marketer who loves to stretch the limits. I am an enthusiast at creating eye-popping and mind-boggling content ideas. Always so excited to tap into my creative side that can help in business growth. Being a passionate marketer, easily attune with the client’s core requirement. Craving head to learn and execute something new in life. Life mantra- “Learn, Cheer, Live”. Owner of Apzo Blog that provides eye-popping and informative blogs on trending topics.

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